“The Wild Bed Time Stories Volume One” is a collection of six moralistic short stories about endangered animals. The animals in volume one are: Bengal Tiger, Palos Verdes Butterfly, Spiny Seahorse, Japanese Dormouse, Galapagos Penguin and Polar Bear. The aim of this book is to become a series that introduces animal lovers, young and old, to many varied yet beautiful animals whose plights desperately need such exposure.

We are believers that through introducing our children to these animals now, in the earliest accepted and most effective medium of stories, we can positively influence their views once they have become the adults who, in their generation may decide the very fate of many of these endangered animals.

The book is available on Amazon Kindle and the Kindle app for iPhone and Android, for £2.15 (a free sample is available both on our site and on Amazon Kindle), and on our website you can buy the volume  in conventional print for £5.99.


I shudder when I think of a world where children discover tigers, elephants or gorillas through search engine images.

I don’t want to imagine how I’ll feel when my child asks me what a dolphin was like before it became extinct.

If those statements shook your consciousness too then I suggest you take a look at our little book.

It’s packed full of moralistic tales that can help you to teach anyone fundamental lessons for life.

But it also endears children to these animals now so that when they are all grown up they will not want these animals to perish all the more.

We would be delighted if you decided to join our little education revolution on behalf of the animals and bought the book.

We are currently hard at work on a second with new animals and new stories and we have many more planned. How many animals need a voice dictates that we will not be slowing down any time soon.

Get these books now and cheaper than anyone else because they will inevitably rise in price once they become a series and brand.

With only another thousand books sold we plan to commission the stories for television so that we can help to educate your children through a visual medium as well.

Before you go onto our site to buy the book please comment on this post.

Our logo of the butterfly is symbolic of the effect we want to have. We want to have the butterfly effect and to do that we require you. Comments on here can be your chance to be heard on a matter that is secretly dear to all our hearts and hopefully we can inspire one another.

When a butterfly flutters its wings in one part of the world, it can eventually cause a hurricane in another.

– Edward Lorenz Chaos Theory

Please notify any friends who will appreciate our book and remember, it may only be a book now, but what this series stands to become is something altogether more worthwhile; a global support network of people that will have harbored memories and invested emotions in these animals through the medium of stories. The long and short of it is they really will not want to watch them disappear.

Please help us to ensure a contingency plan is in place so that these animals are well-regarded, respected and still with us into the next generations.

Thank you for your time and have a look at our website. Here is the link again and remember to read the free story there:


An illustration from the story “Kenai the Bengal Tiger and the Great Race”